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Wine & Spirits -­‐ June 2011


"This magnificent Oloroso delivers a profound mineral sensation -­‐ as if directly connected to the calcareous soils where it grew. The minerality is steeled by acidity, keeping the wine vertical with tension and unexpectedly elegant despite its massive weight. A wine as demanding as this one -­‐ so far from what modern enology dictates -­‐ can only be appreciated on its own: a meditation on time (on average the wines in this blend are more than 45 years old) and the influence of the land on what we call Sherry."


"Surrounded by mineral notes, like a waterfall of stones, this Amontillado is made up of wines that average more than 43 years of age. Its structure is monumental, the type of wine that architecture students should drink while contemplating how the pyramids in Egypt were built. After a few hours in the glass, saline notes develop to complement its mineral flavors and towards the finish, timid anchovy flavors emerge to add a strange, twisted complexity. Serve it with a plate of anchovies. Nothing more is necessary."


"A classic PX with scents of chocolate, candied chestnut, coffee and sweet spice, this wine also has the syrupy density typical of the style. Yet this Tradicion goes further, adding saline notes and stern acidity that cut the caramel sweetness and bring the wine to a clean finish. Made up of wines that are 22 years old on average, this is best served chilled as a digestif, with dried fruits as the only companion."


"True to the Tradicion house style, this wine is focused on minerality, on the flavor of lime-­‐stone rather than fruit, though some may find fruitiness in the scents of almonds and green olives. The complex aromas play within the wine's structure, which holds its own internal debate between massive weight and the sharp cut of acidity. This has a limited production of 2,500 bottles annually; made from wines averaging 33 years old, its the youngest
within Tradicion's range of dry wines from Jerez."

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